BRTL– Go Sustainable

Our Proposal

Join the local initiative of global SDGs for minimizing pollution, recovering value and leaving safer earth for our children.

Sign an agreement with us for the sustainable disposal of your used products/wastes like Paper,Carton, Plastic, Metals, E-wastes & Others.

Impose restrictions on the sales of waste to informal collectors or someone not registered with us.

Donate or Sell Your Solid Wastes/Recyclables to BD Recycle Partners.

Get receipt for each transactions to avoid leakage of wastes & payments by BD Recycle.

BD Recycle fixes a day Daily/weekly/Monthly for regular collection from your office/home/factories.

BD Recycle pays you through Bank/Cash, Or distribute the income from your donation to charity & tree plantation.

BD Recycle gets you Impact Certificate based on how much energy & water you saved and how much CO2 emission you reduced via us.

BRTL recognizes your participation in this global movement for SDGs in its website, press releases & other public communications that positions you as a Sustainable Organization in the globally

BRTL is building a network of existing waste pickers/ collectors/ dealers to empower them with waste handling trainings, tools, health insurance & other resources. So that they can do the work with safety & security while earning more than what they did previously.

BRTL is building a waste supply chain through which, you would be able to trace your recyclables to ensure the environment-friendly disposal.

Any waste sold to collectors outside our network is not traceable, which might be handled unsafely and disposed at wrong place or toxic facility.

We request you to forward any collector you come across to get listed in our network first and to get trained for sustainable waste management.